Before I became a PTC athlete, my main sport was sport and alpine climbing. I was looking for new challenges and came across CrossFit®. After it quickly became clear that CrossFit® was my new passion, the urge to progress more was unleashed.
Remote Coaching has been with me for two years now and what can I say…:
My life and performance have changed significantly for the better. Even as a child I was always lanky and in sport climbing this was always an advantage, but now I am more than happy to have gained 20 kilograms of body weight and I feel better than ever in my body.

My strength gain was enormous according to my coach. After 18 months, a milestone for me was a deadlift at three times my body weight.

I have also experienced personal growth through coaching and training. My self-confidence, ability to reflect myself better and my resilience has increased significantly.

To put it briefly, I am very happy with my coaching and I am looking forward to a long journey together.

Try it out for yourself and let me convince you!