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Whether you’ve been doing CrossFit® now for several years or several months, I think that we can all agree: fitness is a never-ending journey to be a better athlete and person.

What do We mean by never-ending? 

The opportunity for improvement never stops. Which is a beautiful thing because you can see results through a lifetime. You can improve one skill, then start to work on another, yet can always go back to certain skills and fine-tune them, improve upon them, make them more efficient, etc.

So our question for you today is, are you maximizing your improvement potential? 

There are a lot of tools that can help you to keep improving, the best choice would be to have a coach! And one possibility is to use slow motion video analysis coaching.

We don’t improve your social media appearance, but in all seriousness, filming quick videos of yourself can be VERY helpful if you…

  • Aren’t sure you are doing something correctly (maybe the movement is new to you, etc.).
  • Want to work on becoming more efficient at (fill in a movement/lift here) and maximize your potential.
  • Feel that something is slightly “off” and/or you find that you’re inconsistent.

Relate to any of the above? Then you should consider a slow motion video analysis.

From monostructural to gymnastics and weightlifting, there is almost always something to improve and if you can’t see an error or ‘slightly’ funky going on with form – you should take video when you exhausted, for example if athletes sprint on the rowing ergometer, the most athletes lack in solid technique under fatigue and stress.

It’s amazing what a slight change in position, pulling pattern, or head angle can do to change an entire movement.

Consider slow motion video analysis

If it’s not currently a part of your fitness life, you should use it! Our highly-trained and knowledgeable Progressive Training Concepts coaches would love to help you out.


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You will receive recommendations and (visuell) instructions to improve your skill.


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If you have any questions about your template, our highly qualified trainers will be happy to help you.

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