Remote Coaching


Does it work?

… coaching is first and foremost about fully and sincerely listening to your client … and we can actually do it one or one or remotely with different tools.

During remote coaching, the first thing you realize is that the eye contact, the handshake and the direct communication is not the same as face to face.

This should not diminish the performance. Regular communication and improvement is still possible. There are many advantages that save time and money and give you enough space for the equally important life outside the sport.

Unfortunately, the unhelpful approach has become stubbornly entrenched in the fitness world: “Work hard and eat clean”.

Much more useful would be to follow a well-structured program with goal-oriented progressions that builds on your weaknesses and develops your skills. Work hard but not too much, eat well and sufficiently, and don’t forget the importance of rest and regeneration.

So let’s get to work and together we will unleash your full potential. Because for this we have studied hard..

You’ll Get


Analysis of Solutions

With a detailed questionnaire we get to know you better and learn all the necessary details that we need for your individual training design.


Productivity Management

Each training session is designed to last approximately 90-120 minutes.


Personal Development

To reach the best version of ourselves requires continuity in learning and our program will guide you!


Visuell Instructions

Video instructions for the movements are included for specific progressions and your needs.


Communication & Support

If you have any questions about your trainings program, your highly qualified trainer will be happy to help you.


Progressive Concept

Use a progressive concept to achieve your milestones.

Remote Coaching Structure


Build by the Coaching Team

Certified CrossFit Trainers and Master Personal Trainers.


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