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Save time and money and use our class programming. You get a complete schedule for the perfect lesson of the day. With content like Points of Performance, Mobility, Scaling and more, you can make your class the best hour of your members’ day.

Do you have goals?                                              Great, goals give you direction.
We have the system!                                            Systems gives you progress.

Our program is aimed at CrossFit and Functional Training Gyms which live and offer¬†group fitness. The aim of the program is to give the group‚Äės leading trainers a balanced¬†program and the opportunity to develop professionally.
The average participant in group fitness lacks in strength, body control, metabolic fitness, mobility, skills and recovery. In our WOD program, there is a constantly varying fitness component but also a systematized 4-day cycle, which rotates continuously through the four days. Thus, we guarantee that every participant has different stimuli even if he has fixed training days. This cycle guarantees a sensitive strength and endurance program for the group so that everybody can make progress and learn skills
as quickly as possible.

Our job is to give them the best hour of their day, having satisfying results with the best possible movement execution and a lot of fun!

It’s a program for small groups following a basic strength and endurance program.

In the WOD (workout of the day), you experience different training elements in one training session. You can expect various exercises from the fields of gymnastics, free weight training and metabolic conditioning.

The program is designed to be as effective, efficient, varied and interesting for you as possible. We have developed a 4-day cycle that will help you progress in the best possible way.

Your results will be long-lasting, tangible and measurable and will confirm that you are on the right path Рprobably making the biggest progress of your life.

How do we know that? Because that‚Äės what happened to all of us and that‚Äės
what‚Äės still happening to us!

You’ll Get


Complete Lesson Plan

Save time and money and use our class programming. You get a complete schedule for the perfect lesson of the day.


4 Days Systematized Cycle

Especially in the class structure it is difficult to do justice to everyone. Our cycle helps to create a balance between learning skills and training while having fun in the community.


Personal Development

To reach the best version of ourselves requires continuity in learning and our program will guide you!


Success Tracker

Motivation is important, so we have built in a system to make successes visible on a regular basis.


Raving Fans

Provide better service than the others and create raving fans.



From coaches for coahces. If you need our help do not hesitate to contact us.

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Build by the Coaching Team

Certified CrossFit Trainers and Master Personal Trainers.


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