Specific Goal Templates


We’re so excited to have you here! Let’s walk you through what you can expect with a Progressive Training Concepts program and how it works.

Our courses are 8 weeks long, 3 workouts per week. Each workout is designed to be completed 15-20 minutes before or after class.

The workout order is important, but the spacing of workouts is flexible to fit your schedule. How you split up the programming and when you do it is entirely up to you. We recommend a rest day between days and no more than 2 days in a row. For many athletes a Monday, Wednesday, Friday split works well but entirely up to you and your calendar.

Your program includes Focus and Required Equipment, Warm-up and Activation, Trainingsprogram.

How it is structured:

1. You choose your specific goal
2. You can follow your regularly program and use our program as additional work before or after
3. The Program includes videos of movements and drills
4. Take the 8-week journey
5.  Hit your next milestone

Best of luck and be sure to tag us on social media when you hit your first milestone. We’d love to celebrate with you!

You’ll Get


Template Solution

A standardized program to achieve your specific goal.


Productivity Management

Each template is designed to last 15-30 minutes and can be added to your regular workout routine.


Communication & Support

If you have any questions about your template, our highly qualified trainers will be happy to help you.


Visuell Instructions

Video instructions of the movements are included with each template.


Progressive Concept

Use a progressive conept to achieve your goals

Product Structure


Build by the Coaching Team

Certified CrossFit Trainers and Master Personal Trainers.


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