Semi-Individual Coaching


Are you an enthusiastic CrossFit® athlete looking for coaching? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We are so excited to have you here! Let’s go over what to expect at a Progressive Training Concepts program and how it works.

Our Semi-Individual Coaching Program is an SPP program – specific physical preparedness. Each training session is designed to last approximately 90-120 minutes.

You will receive your training plan via our app with included video instructions for each exercise. Despite the low price, you have a very well structured plan that will improve you in all CrossFit® skills or bring you to specific exercises. A mix of progressions and movement capacity lead you to each skill.

The great thing about our Semi-Individual Coaching Program is that you get feedback from one of our Certified CrossFit® Level 3 coaches. So communicate with one of your coaches via the app and become a better athlete.

You’ll Get


Template Solution

You will get the simplicity of a program that addresses all areas of training deemed important, without neglecting the basics and leaving room for adjustments to pursue specific goals.


Productivity Management

The training program is designed to last approximately 90-120 minutes and includes everything you need to get better.


Communication & Support

If you have any questions about your template, our highly qualified trainers will be happy to help you.


Visuell Instructions

Video instructions for the movements are included for specific progressions.


Progressive Concept

Use a progressive conept to achieve your goals

Product Structure


Build by the Coaching Team

Certified CrossFit Trainers and Master Personal Trainers.


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